Premium Light Roast Whole Bean Arabica Coffee

Whole Bean, Single Origin, Shade Grown, 100% Arabica, Premium Specialty Coffee, Light Roast
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Bristol premium specialty whole bean coffee contains only the highest quality Nicaraguan coffee beans. All Bristol coffee is Non-GMO and produced sustainably.

Bristol whole bean coffee is strictly shade grown. Shade grown coffee develops richer flavor as the shade allows for the coffee fruit to grow and mature more slowly hence further developing it’s natural sugars and enhancing the flavor of the coffee produced.

The flavor is mildly fruity/citrusy, has a delicately floral aftertaste, balanced acidity, with a smooth finish. It is a light bodied coffee with a clean cup. Our coffee is never blended and beans are hand picked at the peak of ripeness ensuring full flavor and consistency.

The roast level is Light, which is synonymous with Cinnamon or Half City roast levels. Light Roasts are best for capturing the natural flavor profiles of the coffee beans. They are more acidic and slightly higher in caffeine than darker roast levels. The beans are matte and with no oily surface, as they haven’t been exposed to heat long enough to draw out the natural oils.

Grind our light roast premium coffee to the perfect grind for your preferred brewing method. Use a fine grind for espresso brewing, medium grind for brewing with traditional drip machines or percolators, or a coarse grind for use with french press or cold brewing.