It could be in the genes!

It could be in the genes!

Think you might be addicted to coffee? Well, perhaps not ‘ADDICTED,’ but find you’re a real big fan? Turns out, you might have your parents to thank - or blame - for that!

Researchers have added new findings to the growing body of evidence which supports the thesis that one’s love of coffee could be in the genes. A team of experts from Scotland, Italy, and the Netherlands recently analyzed the coffee-drinking habits of more than 1,200 people in seven Italian towns, and found that people with a particular DNA variation in a gene known as PDSS2 drank about one less cup of coffee per day than those without the gene variation.

 To confirm these results, another group in the Netherlands was surveyed with similar findings, namely: that people with the gene variation PDSS2 drank less coffee throughout the day than those without it. What basically happens is that this gene, PDSS2, interacts with one’s metabolism to influence how much of a caffeine boost one feels from every cup. So what does this mean, exactly? It means that some people get more of a caffeine rush than others, and thus need less of it.

 This new study echoes previous research that has shown people prefer different amounts of coffee based on their genetic makeup. Many gene variants have suggested connections with coffee consumption, and researchers need to conduct more studies to reach a definite conclusion about the PDSS2 gene specifically, said Nicola Pirastu, one of the study’s authors and a researcher at the University of Edinburgh.

 So, although there is still a lot more to be known and researched before these findings can be conclusively proven, it sure seems as though your love of coffee could be a bigger part of you than you think.

 Whether it’s in your genes or not, most would agree that good coffee is simply delicious. So go buy some Bristol, why don’t you?

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