Bristol Recipes- Coffee Jelly

Bristol Recipes- Coffee Jelly

The Bristol team recently spent some time in Thailand and we could not get the wonderful grass jelly you find there out of our minds. In Thailand and many parts of Asia, you’ll often find iced coffee or tea served with grass jelly. To get our jelly fix we decided to make coffee jelly using our Bristol specialty medium roast arabica coffee. To avoid overloading on the caffeine by using the jelly with iced coffee, we had the coffee jelly as dessert topped with sweetened cream. The recipe is super easy and it makes a perfectly refreshing summer dessert. See recipe below if you’d like to make some for yourself. Enjoy!


Coffee Jelly:

  •        1 ½ tablespoons
  •        3 tablespoons water
  •        ½ cup sugar
  •        2 cups strong hot coffee

Sweetened Cream:

  •        ½ cup heavy cream
  •        2 tablespoons sugar


  1.     In a medium bowl, soak the gelatin in 3 Tbsp water for a couple of minutes. Make sure gelatin is fully dissolved and no powdery areas remain, it will resemble thick jell-o. Add ½ cup sugar and hot coffee.  Stir well to melt the gelatin completely.* Cool to room temperature.
  2.     Pour into a shallow pan, about 1" deep, and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Cut into cubes and plate the cubes.
  3.     Whip the heavy cream and 2 tbsp sugar until thick but still runny. Spoon desired amount of sweetened cream over jelly.
  4.     Enjoy!

* Pass the coffee mixture through a sieve to make sure you don’t get any clumpy bits of gelatin.

If you enjoyed this recipe and all things coffee, keep reading our blog! And remember, all good ideas start with coffee. So go buy some Bristol Coffee why don’t you? 

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