Add a little coffee to your beauty routine!

Add a little coffee to your beauty routine!

The chances are you’re a coffee fan if you’re reading this blog - you probably love drinking coffee, love coffee desserts, coffee scents, and so on, but do you know about the beauty benefits of coffee?

Used coffee grounds are perfect for body or facial exfoliants - finely ground coffee is gentle enough to use on the face to remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh-looking skin. In addition, the caffeine in the coffee energizes skin making it appear taut and youthful, while also helping to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Coffee doesn’t just help brighten and awaken your skin - caffeine from coffee grounds has also been demonstrated to help minimize the appearance of cellulite by catalyzing fat metabolism and increasing circulation! The best way to use coffee to diminish cellulite is with a coffee scrub, used as part of your daily showering routine.

Coffee can also have surprising benefits on one’s hair - a dermatological study conducted by Germany’s University of Jena and published in the International Journal of Dermatology found that caffeine helps stimulate follicle growth by as much as 46% by improving the scalp’s blood circulation. Coffee can be applied to the hair by using either a cold brew rinse after shampooing (beware: it can also tint light hair), or by using coffee oil (which promotes moisture retention while stimulating hair growth). Used coffee grounds can also be mixed with hair conditioner to create a scalp scrub that helps eliminate product build-up in one’s hair.


These are just a few more things that make coffee great! 

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