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Pure Arabica Estate Coffee

Made of purely Arabica coffee beans (no additives or by products) Bristol Coffee is all sourced from our own coffee plantation. Distinguished by its extraordinary aroma, full-bodied taste and mild clean cup, Bristol Coffee is the finest of Nicaraguan coffees. Bristol Coffee delivers on the true taste of coffee any coffee lover will appreciate and enjoy.

Single Source Estate Coffee

Bristol Coffee undergoes its whole production process in one place - Santa Francisca Romana Estates, located in the shaded hills of San Marcos, in Nicaragua. Within this process, special care and attention to detail contribute greatly to Bristol Coffee's extraordinary fragrance and full body taste.

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Who’s drinking all the coffee? Millenials, that's who. Who’s drinking all the coffee? Millenials, that's who.

Have you ever asked yourself who consumes the most coffee? By ‘who’, we’re not referring to the country (although that is the United States in case you were wondering); rather, the ‘who’ we’re referring to is which age group. The answer years ago might have been the 40-60 age bracket, but stats show that has rapidly changed - in fact, this age group is drinking so much coffee that they are putting a strain on the already-precarious coffee supply. Keep reading this week's Bristol blog if you’d like to know more.

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First Public Sequencing of Arabica Coffee Genome Offers Possible Solutions First Public Sequencing of Arabica Coffee Genome Offers Possible Solutions

A true coffee lover can tell the difference between the good coffee and everything else. That’s why we at Bristol Nicaragua only sell the good stuff. Coffea arabica, which is the high-quality flavor of coffee that coffee lovers drink daily in espresso, cappuccino, and in other forms, is very much a part of coffee drinking culture. It’s the coffee flavor that we all crave because of its aroma and full-bodied flavor.

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Coffee Cup Recycling Ideas Coffee Cup Recycling Ideas

Have you ever thought about what happens to all the coffee cups that coffee drinkers of the world use and throw away? There are a lot of coffee cups that are used just one time and then thrown in the garbage can without a second thought being given. Even if a person uses one disposable coffee cup a day, that is still 365 cups in a year. And it’s a safe bet that most coffee drinkers drink more than one cup of coffee a day.

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